Island Pool Supply

Razkowski/Coco Plum Dr San Pedro Belize501-226-2671
Island Pool Supply has a mission to accomplish, and that is to make swimming pools all across Belize user-friendly. We understand that a swimming pool is not just a place of relaxation after a tiring day. It is an essential part of a lifestyle, where families and friends meet to have a wonderful time.

With superb customer service and wide range of products, we take care of all your pool needs. We have the best brands of pool cleaning products on the market like Hayward, Pentair and SGM. You will also find Jet-line pool supplies here.
Nu-clo and Sparkle chemicals/Products
AquaCheck test strips and Pentair test kits (large and small) plus refills
Pool ladders and hand rails
Diamond Brite, Bond-Kote(SGM)
PVC fittings, Blue Glue and cleaner
Large/small niches
Astrolite, Spalite fixtures and several sizes of pool bulbs
Parts for the Astrolite/Spalite
Underwater light show (floating) and light show fountain plus other fountains
Transformers, Timers
Pressure Gauges
Rescue Items (i.e. coast guard ring, Pool closed and Rules signs)
LED color and white bulbs (for the Astrolite and Spalite)
Pool/spa Jets (eyeballs)
Vacuum hoses, vacuum heads
Vacuum Accessories (i.e. Automatic vacuum cleaners, Poles, Nets)
Variable Speed Pumps
Pool Repair Items
Chlorine tab dispensers/floats, Markers, Thermometer
Pool Toys (i.e. arm floats, floating mats)
AQUA.RITE and BLUE ESSENCE Chlorine Generators, T-Cellls,In-Line chlorinator, Parts
Pool Pumps (Hayward and Pentair 1/2HP 5 HP)
Brushes (Nylon, stainless steel, from 6?-18?)
Skimmers (Hayward), Baskets, Weirs, Collars, Lids, Plugs
Hayward Cartridge Filters and replacement cartridges ( plus repair parts)
Hayward and Pentair Sand Filters ( plus repair parts)
Valves (slide, multiport, check)
Valves Repair Parts
Above Ground Pools AND Intex Pools et Accessories ( SPECIAL ORDER)
Pump parts (baskets, ball bearings, gaskets, o-ring ,impellers, seals, diffusers, etc)
Pump Motors(1/2 HP 5 HP)