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88 Belize/Corozal Rd Orange Walk Town Belize501-322-2400
Dialysis De Belice: A company that considers itself to be the best hemodialysis center in Central America, through constant innovation, social outreach, highly qualified staff, focusing in offering treatment that substitutes normal renal function by the use of modern technology offering patient the possibility to live a normal life and be useful citizens in our country of Belize and with their family.


To ensure the best quality of life possible for patients with renal failure, offering the opportunity to live a normal life through ultra filtration sessions and cleaning of the blood by way of specialised equipment that achieves the function of a healthy kidney.

Service at its Best

Our company is focused on Hemodialysis services, is convenient and affordable.


Quality Care service
Availability of 11 Dialysis machines
4 hour dialysis treatment
Emergency equipment’s such as defibrillator
Availability of the nephrologists
Availability of Medical Officer from 7-3pm
Non-recyclable filters
One Isolation room for Hepatitis patients
International osmosis system
No extra charge in urgent medication
Acceptance of Sagicore insurance clients

We work very closely with Dialisis De Honduras:

International Recognised Company
Well established, highly trained technical and medical support
International services in Kidney Failure offered in Honduras Key Offerings

We are offering all the following services:

Hemo-Dialysis Service
Private Rooms for Isolated Patients
Peritoneal Dialysis Service
Critical Care Service (Diabetic Patients)
Nephrologist and General Medical Doctor Consultations
International links for Kidney Transplants abroad
Technical Services for repairing and maintaining dialysis equipment

Other Services

Comfort & Convenience

We operate with the most comfortable and homely setting dialysis chairs as if you were sitting at home on your own sofa. All our machines are up to international standards, the building is fully centralised air-conditioned, TV entertainment for patients in clinic and waiting area. WI-FI Internet access for patients and family members, our clinic is like a home away from home.

International Osmosis System

We have a water treatment, in accordance with international quality guidelines. Our treatment plant consists of a system of water purification demineralisation, reverse osmosis and UV process, filters to remove endotoxins and everything is endorsed by external laboratory clinical analysis.

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Dislisis de Belice
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