Chuan-Shun Auto Service

1523 Humming Bird Highway (behind Gallardo) Belmopan, Belize501-601-7324
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Chuan-Shun Auto Service

We specialized in Air conditioning System for different kinds of automobiles. If you have any Air Conditioning problems, you no longer need to go to all the way to Spanish look out. We have top of the line equipment and a Certified Technician to diagnose all your Air Conditioning issues. We also do Computer Diagnostics, Air Conditioning System Flush, Electrical System and Chassis.

While waiting for your vehicle to be repaired or serviced, you can also get your tummy satisfied as we have a Vegetarian Restaurant on the compound. For those who really want to look as good as their vehicle, we also have a Salon if you would like to get your manicure, pedicure or facial done. Three shops at one stop. Come check us out right behind Gallardo Services. We are here to service your needs.