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Working for a better quality of life
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Biomeds Ltd is a solid company in the pharmaceutical industry in Belize, whose mission statement is working for a better quality of life, and in so doing, we provide our customers with quality, reliable medicines of very high standards in order to improve the lives of their consumers. We provide health solutions by supplying pharmaceutical products countrywide. With our feeding programme and donations we help in assisting the community positively. Biomeds have a leading line of products in both cardiovascular and anti-invective medications, which are compared to none. The laboratories that we operate with adhere to strict rules and guidelines and are all governed by their Good Manufacturing Practises (GMP) certificates and all their products own a certificate of analysis. Since its inception in February 2004 and with excellent managerial skills and leadership, Biomeds have managed to amplify its line of products 100%, including new and improved salts to our line of products. We are not only involved in the human aspect, but we are proud to mention that we provide medications to our veterinarian customers as well. Our team of trustworthy employees is part of what makes Biomeds successful, they contribute tremendously to our success and we guarantee that they are valued on a daily basis for their loyalty and reliability and they are constantly trained to provide the best services to our customers.