Belize Red Cross

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Disaster Preparedness and Response

Disaster Management involves preparation, response and recovery/rehabilitation. This is the largest field of work that the Belize Red Cross engages in throughout the year. The National Society assists the Government in all humanitarian aspects of disasters.

HIV/Aids Outreach

Together We Can is a regional methodology that has been adapted by the Belize Red Cross since January of 2004 and employs face to face peer education while providing young people with access to information and education. In gaining knowledge youth are in a position to develop life skills required to reduce the risk of contracting STIs and unplanned pregnancies.

First Aid

Presently there are three courses being offered:
1) Basic First Aid and CPR
2) First Aid refresher courses
3) Cardi Pulmonary Resuscitation

These courses are all certification courses with the exception of the Community First Aid which is a skill and a knowledge building course only.

Social Assistance

Services include: soup kitchen for the sick, the elderly and the homeless, feeding program for the school children, wheelchair distribution, clothes distribution, assistance to fire victims, Home Nursing Course, and Psychosocial Support.

First Aid and Multi Hazards Apps ( and ( .
First Aid-Instruction & Sales
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