Belize Broadcasting Network (BBN)

3 Mls Philip Goldson Hwy Belize501-203-2008
The Belize Broadcasting Network Ltd. (BBN) airs tv shows and programs with local and foreign content 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. BBN produces its own live local shows such as a health show entitled, "Health Your Greatest Wealth", an entertainment show called' "Thank Goodness It's Friday - (TGIF), a DJ type music show "Mixtime", and joint ventures on other shows, for example, a current affairs show named,"Oapn Paki" as well as a christian sermon with Pastor Albert Cattouse.

Apart from local shows and live tv broadcast from various on-locations throughout Belize, BBN runs movies, documentaries, sitcoms, and other show content with varying nature.

BBN splashes its daily programming with inputs of music videos from oldies to love ballads, to country and western to R & B as well as modern pop music in English and Spanish.